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L&M Autos not only provide a fast efficient vehicle repair service, we also provide a high quality tyre fitting service. As a local independant tyre fitter we can source a variety of tyres from a variety of places, all while keeping the cost to us, and to you, as low as possible.

A very helpful guide about the safety of vehicle tyres can be found on the The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents website.

Please feel free to contact us for a quotation or a free inspection of your tyres, it is a legal requirement that tyre tread be no lower than 1.6mm and recommended that tyres are changed when the tread depth reaches 3mm, for a quick, convienient quote, contact us via our contact form or by telephone on 0191 493 2229 or 07890 324 711.

please remember to provide at least the width, profile and size of the tyre you require, this information can be found on the side of your tyre as shown below.

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