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At L & M Autos we provide multiple levels of service depending on what it is you need. Our most popular service levels can be found below along with pricing.

The servicing prices shown below are a guide only and can be adjusted to suit your requirements. Maybe you've just replaced your oil or filters and are not necessary in our service, just let us know and we can accommodate accordingly.

Silver Service - Only £30.00 plus the parts

Our silver service is a basic engine service consisting of

  • We check, drain and replace oil
  • Change the air, oil and fuel filters where necessary
  • Check plugs and replace (Petrol car only)
  • Check all levels and anti-freeze
  • Check tyre pressures and tread
  • Check all the lights

Gold Service - Only £60.00 plus the parts

Along with everything in the silver service, our gold service also includes

  • Strip and clean brakes and brake shoes
  • Check the handbrake and handbrake cable
  • Check gearbox levels
  • Check steering

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